Client: Provincia di Parma

Location: Parma

Year: 2022

Status: ongoing

Project: -ini architetti,


Arch. Maria Chiara Manfredi

Blu Parma” is the winner of a public competition held by the Province of Parma, in order to rethink the courtyard of two high schools, ITIS Leonardo da Vinci and Liceo Attilio Bertolucci. This will be the first action of a mayor project of urban renovation of the whole open spaces of the Campus. The concept is to extend the system of public urban parks (Parco Falcone e Borsellino, Parco 1°Maggio, Parco Vero Pellegrini) to the project site, with the purpose of reconnecting the school courtyard to the urban fabric. At the same time we identified specific targets, through the analysis of several topics such as fluxes, mobility, presence of green areas, etc. We decided to transform the courtyard into a pedestrian area, concentrating all the parking lots (for bicycles and cars) into a specif area. The courtyard will be transformed into a square and a park, with a new design of the paths and the green areas, and will become a space open and accessible for everyone. The green areas are a key element of the design. The opening towards the parks led us into considering the planting system of the parks as a guide for our project, where we provide new trees. Around the green areas, new seats take shape, and the floor’s colour is a direct reference to nature’s palette.