Casa G

Client: private

Location: La Serra di Lerici

Year: 2020

Status: completed

General Contractor: Azzurra Costruzioni SRL

La Serra is a tiny village located on the hills overlooking Lerici’s gulf. From here you can enjoy a 270 degrees panorama. The spectacular sea view becomes an architectural element, which guides the design. The apartment was provided with a toilet that could only be accessed through the bedroom, but the need of our client was to transform the house into a space open to family visits and stays. To solve that, we decided to create a small hallway that could make the connections independent. The hallway is a glazed filter that during the day let you enjoy the sea view, and during night, thanks to a curtain, gives independence to the bedroom. The toilet has a small window that frames the Castle of Lerici. The colours and the materials used dialogue with the surrounding landscape; the design of the floor recreates the waves of the sea, trying to delete the difference between inside and outside.