Client: private

Location: Parma

Year: 2020

Status: ongoing

General Contractor: Marella srl

BSB is a restoration project of an apartment located at the heart of Parma. The generous size of the apartment and its attics allowed us to divide it into 3 independent units, tied together by the same design concept and functionality. Every unit is provided with comfort and shares the same materials, diversified in terms of colours. Materials, when possible, have been preserved and restored, in particular floors. When floors weren’t preservable, we designed them from a contemporary perspective but using the same materials as the original ones. The bathrooms play with coloured variations. Every centimeter is used in order to create storage, through the design of bespoke furniture (kitchens, wardrobes, etc).

The three units share a corridor that becomes a “second” entryway, filtering the city from the private space, equipped with a custom-made integrated wardrobe that hides technical spaces, private storage and the doors to the apartments. The intervention on the roof brings more natural light into the attics, thanks to the addition of skylights and coloured roof terraces, overlooking the historic city centre.