Ex chiesa S. Giuseppe

Client: public

Location: Amatrice

Year: 2023

Status: competition

The task of the competition was to design a new building, dedicated to cultural activities, exhibitions and artists’ workshops, using the footprint of the former church of S. Giuseppe, in Amatrice. The previous building, a church re-converted into a civic hall, was destroyed during the 2016’s earthquake.

The volume squeezes in order to create a second pedestrian path on the west facade, opening new perspectives towards Corso Umberto I.

We decided to maintain the entrance in the same position as it was before, leaving the remains, which are transformed into a sort of a new public square. The building lays on a light and transparent ground floor, open to the town. This floor hosts the first exhibition space. The upper part of the building is composed by a massive and “rocky”volume, which contains the other exhibitions spaces and the artists’ workshops.