Client: Chiesi Group

Project: -ini, Luca Bocedi, Chiara Cocconcelli, Ximena Malaga Palacio, Veronica Pinetti, Ermelinda Pittelli, Simone Spotti

Location: Parma

Year: 2023

Status: competition Restore to Impact, winner

Chiesi FARM (Forest Academy Research Museum) is a structure designed to create a green lung and public space for the San Leonardo neighborhood while also serving as an innovative hub for Chiesi and the entire city. The regeneration of the former industrial complex will therefore give the city an open space that restores the connection with the surrounding environment and transforms the great legacy of the Chiesi group into a model. The project involves desealing and remediation of the soil, which requires the demolition of existing buildings that do not meet current sustainability standards or the required functional program. The open space is organized according to different levels, with public spaces open 24 hours to everyone and semi-public spaces open during the center's operating hours that allow crossing the lot according to various orientations and paths. Private spaces are reserved for employees and workers, and the Green Railway is not available for visits. The same principle guides the organization of the interior spaces: on the ground floor, we find the public functions, such as the entrance to the Museum, the dining area, the Auditorium, and the Pitch area. On the first floor there is the Training Room, the Open Innovation area, the course recording spaces, and the Workshop area. On the top floor we find Chiesi commercial offices.