Client: Parma Capitale della Cultura 2020-21

Project: FDA + FG with -ini architetti

Location: Parma

Year: 2021

Status: completed

Construction: Macrocoop, Tecnofer

Photo credit: -ini architetti

The installation is one of the five winning projects of Temporary Signs - Open Call by Parma Italian Capital of Culture 2020+21. The bridge, Ponte di Mezzo, has been reinterpreted: from its mere utilitarian funtion of connecting two historical districts of Parma, “al di qua dall’acqua” and “al di là dall’acqua” (literally translated “on this side of the water” and “on the other side of the water”), to its transformation in a "place" where people can take a break, exchange private visions and act. The installation draws a temporary sign that invites us to reflect on the notion of “border” between tradition and innovation. Two telescopes were placed along the bridge to experience different perspectives, strange colors, and see inaspectate characters animating the bridge - Ponte di Mezzo. The bridge baecame a place for exchange and action, no longer just a structure providing a passage over the river.